Your Child Can Contribute to the Newsletter

Hello!  We have had a newsletter for CSA for a few years, sharing basic information about what is going on and up and coming in CSA.  We would like to add a section to our regular letters.  CSA would not be here if it wasn’t for the kids who want to play.  The board, teachers, and parents do what we do for the sake of the children.  Therefore, it seems fitting to hear from them!  Would you talk to your child and see if they would be willing to put in a few words in the upcoming fall issue of CSA?  We will include a few suggestions.  At this time, we are only looking for a few sentences.  If we have a huge response, we will be thrilled and find a way to share those comments!  If you have an older child, or a younger, ambitious student, and they wish to write more, even as much as 250 words, let me know and I will make a slot just for them in a future newsletter.  The goal is to have this ready to share before the fall concert, which is November 19.  


 “I love playing my ______ (name of instrument) because ______.”

 “I like to practice my __________ (name of instrument) every day because ______.”

 “My favorite part of group class is __________.”

 “I feel _______ when I play my instrument at the concerts.  I think it is good to do play in the concerts because ___________.”

 “When I play my instrument, my family says _______.”

 “My teacher is _______ (positive adjective to describe their teacher).”

I am sure as parents you can come up with even better suggestions than these for your child’s contribution to the newsletter.  

Please don’t forget to include your child’s name along with the comments so I can give credit where credit is due!  

Please have your student’s contributions back to me by the week of Oct. 29th – Nov. 2.  You can email me at:  If you do not have email capability, you can give them to your teacher on the Monday lesson and she can pass it on to me. If you have them ready sooner, please send them on!

Thank you for your help!  This should be fun! I can hardly wait to hear what the kids have to say!

Gretel Deem

Great Progress!

Good day to you all;)
I am following up with a note to share a couple more things. We have made some great progress since my last letter early in the month. A BIG thank-you to everyone who responded and offered support. We have a few parents and a few Cadillac Symphony members volunteering to attend our board meeting on Oct. 29th. Yahoooo!!! We also have a new parent taking on the responsibility of managing the website!!! Thanks Stacy Hammond!!! The support will come in many different capacities, whatever works best for individual parents. The most important point is that if we all give support as we are able, it lightens the overall load.
What is still missing is our bookkeeper position. The position needs to be filled as soon as possible. If a parent is willing to take this position, the fees from CSA can be traded for this service. Please let me know if this is something you are willing to do.
I again extend a welcome to our board meeting on Octber 29th at 6pm at Mackinaw Trail Middle School. I am bringing some treats:)
Please read a note below from Gretel Deem. This is a very fun idea to share some feedback from the kids who are so impacted by CSA.
Thanks again for your support and involvement in CSA!!!!!
Jesse Guest-Felsk